Jun 7, 2005

The one with Kwon Sang Woo

Kwon Sang Woo
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Kwon Sang Woo played the role of every girl's dream man in Stairway To Heaven. He was the guy who was willing to give up everything for the girl he loves. He gave up his position as President of the company, his credit cards, his car and left his family to be with her. He 's the knight in shining armor riding the horse on his way to the castle to save her from the unknown dangers. (Just my overactive imagination at work)

Is his character in this TV series just a myth or reality?

Statistically, men who are most likely to grow up like him is between 1%-5%. Men who belong in this category have the possibility to change depending on the circumstances. Some of them might die. Few could be workaholics. The others can get some other girl pregnant. The rest could be gay.

Basically, this narrows it down to 1% among all of them who could potentially be the STH kind of guy.

I adore this guy. I would give up my so-called career to find him. Is it a sin to wish to find someone as simple as he is? I'm not asking for wealth or fame or beauty...it's just a guy who knows how girls want to be treated. Someone who knows she's not too fragile to be left alone and not too strong to be on her own toes all the time.
Someone who would let her go if she yearns for freedom, who will hold on even if she lets go of his hands because he knows it's not the end until he lets go of her.

This could be the reason why I can't find the right one.

It's either I'm looking in all the wrong places or they're almost extinct.

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