Jan 7, 2014

The one with New Year

Boom. There I was at 9 PM sitting on the couch, not knowing where to go: to my sister's friend's house to celebrate it with a family I hardly know or to join my friends in the NY's Eve countdown in front of Marina Bay Sands with the rest of mankind. Well, this was a first for me- no plans at all for New Year's eve.

I initially imagined spending it at work but my overly kind boss let me go home earlier than expected. He even bought me a gift which was a first since I've been with the company for more than a year and I didn't get any present from him on any occasion. With neverending advices and suggestions (like a father will say to his niece), he let me get out of the cab unscathed from his innuendos of me getting married by this age (30-ouch!). Yes, I am of age- but my brain seemed to contradict every second I hear the TH in thirty.

I mean cut the crap. All of us get to this age and all of us deserve to be given the chance to decide whether to go through with marriage or not. I told him several times-marriage is not for everyone. I may want to in the near future but I don't want to be pushed into it simply because almost everyone I know has a baby! 

Anyway, I went through the whole ordeal of dragging my butt in the overly crowded MBS to meet friends who also want to celebrate New Year outside their homes. I must admit it was a great idea to welcome New Year that way instead of moping around at home waiting for my sister to arrive and end up watching some sad movie or show online while crying for the passing of my 2013. The TH year. Uughh.

We stayed there for an hour or so while listening to different bands and artists singing songs from various languages that I had to drink a beer to cool me down. Finally, the fireworks started and I was in awe of all the lights flashing and burning the sky like a sign that this year will be unique among the rest. 

It brought memories of the last New Years I spent since childhood. Me sitting on the bed, jotting down some NY's resolution on my diary then running down the stairs 10 minutes before NY to join my family in the fireworks display activities in front of our home. 

I wanted to hug someone that night and I received cheek-kisses from friends. Well, it was more than I expected and surely compensated the no-hug evening. I invited them over because I didn't feel like being alone on the first day of the year. We watched different New Years Eve being celebrated all over the world and then chatted some more over Bacardi before they left.

I used to think that being with my family doing the usual activities before New Year is a pain because I cannot be with friends to do something fun.I never knew that I'll miss all those scheduled activities right before New Year like the slicing of pineapples for the fruit salad, the non-stop taste tests of all the food being cooked by my nanny since I was 5, my Dad and me watching action movies while waiting for 11 PM, my Mom asking me to put coins in my pockets before it hits 12 and the long hours chatting while making chicken strips for Bihon (noodles). 

I missed all of those activities that this New Year felt hollow to me although my friends are like family away from home. I miss the moments that we are together and sometimes I can't help but feel like I'm missing out on a lot like what my Boss said. Boom.