Jul 4, 2008

The one with the commendation from a stranger

I'd love to do a kangaroo-jump right now. I can't-- so let's just settle with that little picture as a visual aid. It had been a long time since I was insanely HAPPY.
Well, I'm a simple person who can be pleased by simple things. Whoever said that money can't buy happiness is a genius.
I received a commendation from a stranger that I've talked to for an hour about the installation of a security software on his PC. I honestly don't know what I'm doing but it somehow worked and he asked to speak to my boss about it. I didn't even notice the time because while I was waiting for him (almost the entire time), I was chatting with a friend of mine at work about the usual stuff -- meaning: the latest gossips about who resigned, how many hours will be required for OT, who dates who, who ruined your day and who made you smile like a cat when he walked your way.
Another big surprise, a guy from work posted a big smile to me on the general chat tab. Well, it was noted right after I made a "hate" remark about my missing personal drive because I am a damsel in distress without it (or rather all of the content of the precious drive). I transform into a mad woman when I can't find the toll free number for this and that in a minute so it's not very hard to imagine. Time is valued greatly in my line of work so every minute counts, even seconds!
The last surprise was...
I saw him while my friend (same one that I've been chatting with earlier) and I are waiting for a cab. My ever-lucky friend saw him first; he smiled at us and I guess I almost froze where I was standing because I looked like a stressed workaholic waving my cigarette in the air in mid-sentence. I almost lost my composure and memory while I was telling a horrific tale (from one of my unavoidable calls) to my friend.
He's nice and helpful at work (it's his duty and obligation to help us when necessary given his position) but I don't really like him because he looks arrogant and self-absorbed. When I saw him with his friends (creepy guys) in the elevator, he looks like he's part of their gang. They're the type of guys who can undress you with a wink. He fits the part- he's bald and has a goatee. No offense to those people who look like him but this is a simple observation of a simple girl.
DISCLAIMER: I'm not saying that all guys who are bald and has a goatee are evil. I don't discriminate people based from looks- let's just say, this is my initial impression of him based from his physical appearance and their behavior at work. I am not a judgmental person. I'm a great believer of people having their own good qualities concealed and buried on their inner being. It may only require a lot of digging for some but it's always there to be discovered in due time.
Let's move along...
In addition, I'm no longer late for work for the last couple of days -- a vast improvement on my very appealing attendance record. This calls for a celebration. My cellphone's ringing and friends kept texting me to come over and have a drink but I'm almost asleep so I'll book that for the next earliest opportunity. Okay, I forgot I'm so thirsty...
My aunt called and being the tech support gal in the family, I always help her with her internet connection. I adore her deeply which eliminates all possible excuses of not paying her a visit since we're both in Manila. Tomorrow would be soon enough. I need some sleep.
So much for a relaxing afternoon without using a phone. I'll settle with juice for now. ☺