Jul 1, 2006

The one with the boy-next-door guy

"Thank u so much..."

Wow. That's what he said when I sent him the message that he got promoted. That's the good thing about having a dayshift, I am surrounded by all the current events. It felt ten times better than when I knew I passed the interview on my current job. I felt like I'm worth a million dollars on that moment!

I saw him earlier....

While I was doing the e-mail thing, I can't help but remember that second when he stopped walking and looked at me. Somehow I felt like he missed me. Just by looking. He went out and I thought he would just continue on his journey home when he looked back and saluted me in the glass windows of our warehouse-like office.

Ohymygosh. I think my heart went to my head. I waved back feeling like a beauty queen and gave my brightest smile. When I went downstairs, I can't help but whisper to my friend,

"Did you see that guy?"
"Yes, why?"
"Well, I had a crush on him when I was still part of their team."
"I thought so."

Is it that obvious? Grrr...

We sort of asked him when we had a sleepover...

"Is she the one?"
"Yeah I guess."
"How did you know that she's the one?"
"I knew it when she was talking to another guy and I got jealous."

As simple as that. This just proves that some men are still worth the risk.

Too bad my boy-next-door guy already has a girlfriend of 4 years and planning the wedding of the century some time in the near future.