Mar 30, 2012

The one with lawyer mode and last day at work =(

After being hooked to the TV series Suits, I was more than tempted to transform myself to a Mike Ross when facing the boss of my headhunter to deal with the case of Little Red Ridinghood (Me) vs. the Big Bad Wolf. I was wearing a green sweater to make myself look more like a money-grubbing bitch in the wolf's eyes or to make it sound nicer--fine--hopeful? Yes, in appearance at least.

It might have been nicer if I was wearing a suit myself to play the part that I want to portray but I had to settle with the black top and slacks to appear as if I brought bullets with me. The Wolf started the supposed-to-be-one-on-one hearing with a "What is the problem?" to scare me. Oh right I should be scared right?Sorry but I'm too hungry and my stomach's growling too loudly for me to notice the fear creeping up my spine. I told my long story in 2-3 sentences and then he interrupted me with a call from his cellphone. Okay, so he's playing the "I'm too busy to deal with this matter" trick. Without a breath, as soon as he ended the call, I laid the contract on his desk to request for an explanation about a few lines for the Notice period with an innocent and curious tone. Testing the waters this way would give me a hint if he will budge a little or not. 

The wolf is indeed bad because he was too firm to even start an argument. He was too sure that the final judgment will be on his court. Oh no. I don't have a memory gap when it comes to bonuses. When the quit claim form was printed out for me, I insisted on editing it for my own peace of mind because it doesn't clearly state the facts.

He even mentioned a few taunting words such as "Trust us, trust us." I said I do but I need to have it written on the document. I am a woman I know but I had enough of people treating me like a weakling who doesn't have an inkling what a treacherous wolf looks like. Unfortunate for him that I learned it not so long ago and this woman is no longer putting up with this kind of crap. I may look kind and innocent but not anymore. 
I am tired of being treated as such and I showed him that I can play his game too.

I am saddened by the idea of ending my laidback job wherein I can take lunch and breaks any time I'd like to or get late for work without any sermon for breakfast from my boss as long as I get the job done. It is a first for me to work at a company that allows me to relax as much as I'd want to although there's still pressure on the deadlines but they redefined the meaning of a job for me. For that alone, I am eternally grateful to them for allowing me to experience such grandeur in the corporate world that I never even dreamed of stepping into, let alone being a part of. 

In a world where I exist like a needle in a haystack in the unemployment market, the future looks very uncertain. Somehow, I am hopeful. I have no idea where it came from but somewhere along the road, I've met people that rescue me from my current dilemma that I started wondering if angels have been sent from heaven to help my damsel-in-distress days. During the most crucial moments of my life, there are always people who showered me with constant support and guidance that I didn't feel alone. If this is a test, I am glad I encountered it because this experience made me see the people I've been ignoring lately who should've been given enough attention. I know I am selfish; I am all that and more but I do not regret what happened in the past that led me to this road. As my boss from work always asks me that I will remember at all times whenever I mention that the migrations are queuing, "Did you learn something from it?"

I will miss him. Especially my colleague and friend who gave me a free meal after being ditched from work earlier by my ever-heartless boss who didn't have the time to pretend I matter to her for even a minute of her very busy day. Even the colleague I rarely speak with made an act of being sad because I'm leaving and she didn't even move a single muscle. I think my purpose for being there was to show her that amidst all the cruelty shown to another being, if it will be reciprocated with genuine kindness, the other person still has a chance of viewing life in a different light. 

I was defeated in this aspect, yes, but hopefully I get an opportunity to speak to her tomorrow and let her know that I never had any negative feelings towards her although my friend and I had fun discussing our everyday encounters with her.

I will also miss the intern guy who always managed to capture my attention during boredom days when I had nothing better to do but watch the passersby in my station. He kept me company without even knowing it, believe me. I've seen him several times in the pantry and also in the hallways yesterday and it was enough memory to store in the next few days that I'll be making my way to the next adventure of a lifetime. Too bad he's a kid, this is just another hands-off in my vocabulary.

Lastly, I'll miss the staff assistant that I initially thought was a nuisance for all the non-stop chatter and sponge-like gossip mode who turns out to be a good friend. Unfortunately, time flew by too fast that I didn't get to know more about her as a friend should. Well, again as my boss had said- at least I learned a lot from this. This will probably be my motto from now on.