Nov 9, 2010

The one with the injections

I have a confession to make.

I hate injections. Butt injection. Arm injection. Any type of injection.

I used to have butt injections when I was a kid because this certain doctor treats patients with the belief that "needles are man's best friend". Somehow people thought I got used to it but I never really enjoyed every excruciating minute of that part of my childhood.

Even as an adult, I am afraid of that pointed needle which looks to me like a snake ready to attack with a single wrong move. I'm not afraid of the pain. I'm afraid of the effects afterwards. 

The pain I can bear because it will only take a few seconds or minutes perhaps. The effect on my butt or my arm, well, that may take a longer discussion so let's just say both of them take a few days to recover from the bruised appearance. 

In some fortunate instances, the nurses get lucky and the part which had an injection can be covered by a concealer. 

I've been on leave from work for almost 2 weeks now due to another case of sickness which required an injection. At the age of 27, doctors are amazed how I got hypertension. Their shock seemed to be enough so I was devoid of any emotion after hearing all their reactions. By the way, I said doctors earlier because I already talked to 3 of them.

Yes, one is never enough. No one can really be sure nowadays. One can say one thing and the other, an entirely different thing. Exactly the reason that my unpaid leave was extended instead of a couple of days only. Oh and of course I am upset; that's why it's in bold. It's one thing to be sick but when it's not paid because I'm starting with a new job, this is almost at the top of the shelf of loathing (yes, I must have them in the compartment of my brain since I'm such a book-hog). 

I had blood tests done and tomorrow an ECG, also known as Electrocardiography as Wikipedia had said (I'm getting smarter because of this!) to check whether my hypertension was simply due to the genes or if it's something else. So far, the first test proved my blood remained loyal to the clan and followed through on the genes from my mother (hypertension family) and father (diabetes family). I have the best of both worlds. What more can I ask for?

The ECG scares me though. It's related to the heart. What if they discover that I don't have one? 

Now their expressions would be a sight to behold...

Wish me luck.