May 18, 2009

The one with money

A friend from work told me thru text earlier that he can't spend his backpay for vacation for the simple reason that he needs to save it.

He's a breadwinner in the family and every cent counts so although my gut begs to disagree, I told him it's understandable but he is still entitled to have a vacation or else stress will kick in and he's in for more trouble.

Money is a topic I rarely want to discuss with anyone especially if it is bluntly asked or related to your job description. I agree that saving it would be a great way to plan the future that would include that "dream" vacation. However, I prefer to take advantage of every opportunity to spend it with family and friends to have fun because you'll never know when you can still spend it in your so-called "planned" future.

I mean, what if something happens to me? What if I can no longer enjoy that planned vacation because I don't have the money or the time anymore? It's scary when you start thinking about it.

As a Taurean, it is in my nature to have leisure and lifestyle as a priority although I am more inclined to stay at home and read a book most of the time. I believe everyone deserves to have the freedom to embrace anything and everything that money can buy. On the other hand, I understand that not everything can be bought. Money can be a tool to gain that "thing" you wanted most but sometimes, it defeats its main purpose too.

A great example of that would be my family. My Dad is always working abroad. He can probably buy anything that we wish for but it's still not enough. My only wish since I was a kid was to spend the rest of my life with him in the same country. I envied other kids who always have both their parents with them on Recognition Day or Parents' Appreciation Night or Family Day. I kept thinking that my aunt can't compete with having both parents around. My Mom's there but most of the time, my aunt is the one who goes with me because my Mom hates those mothers who can't be bothered with anything else except to gossip about other people.

If I can wish for anything on my birthday, it would be to have the time when my Dad is around again without thinking of having an expiration date for all those days that we spend together.

Time can suck sometimes. It can ruin every waking moment of your life and you'll only realize it when it can no longer be reversed or changed.

Going back to the main issue--money--it is important but all the wonderful and most valued possessions and persons in your life can never be replaced by millions of it; there's no price for happiness no matter how hard we try.


Ella said...

Talking about money is awkward for me too. But as you know, I'm the kind who saves a lot. Maybe because my mom made us save in a bank long before i can count from 1to 1,000. living each moment at its best is definitely a must. but there's nothing wrong with wanting to have something for emergencies and the like in the future. congrats with your multimedia player! hahaha. i thought this entry would be about that one ;p

i'll have your dad read this so he would come back for good. sometimes, overseas dads have better relationships with the ones staying. =)

tequila said...

naaah..i'm sure he's enjoying his days without my mom too so let's keep this a secret! ;p

about the multimedia player, i'm still upset that we bought it but life's like that-- sometimes we take risks to learn.


~another reason why i shouldn't listen to Harold EVER again.