Dec 1, 2006

The one with the song syndrome

You know when you hear a specific song and your memories simply drift to some distant memory in your life?

It happens to me all the time…And then there are songs which remind me of just one person. I wanted to forget him but whenever I hear a song that was played when we're together, I am lost again.

It seems like it happened yesterday. I was once again the girl who was waiting for a guy to notice her and the guy was looking on the other direction.

Sigh. Time flies. I thought I got over the "butterflies in the stomach" part of my life. It’s really silly to remember such stupid memories. Maybe you never really forget your first love. You can say, “I moved on” or “I’m ready for a new relationship” but when you think deeper, you still have a part of you that would scream, “You’re not completely over him yet.”

When do you get over a person?

Is it when you can look him in the eye without noticing the way he's looking at you? Is it when you can talk freely about your love life to him and do not feel any hidden motive of making him jealous? Or is it when you unconsciously bump your knees and not feel anything?

For whatever reason, I remembered him again. Honestly, my mind’s telling me to go find someone else because he can never be mine. I’m going to waste my lifetime pining for the person you have to let go even if the world turned upside down.

Another sigh.

As if that will make it go away. I wish it would. Oh boy, I wish somehow it could.