Oct 5, 2010

The one with fate

I never knew that this day would come.
I never expected that it will ever happen to me.
I was led by fate to meet you today.
My friend told me that I won't regret meeting you.
She was so sure that I let her drag me towards the right direction.
As we approach you, my mind kept having doubts.
What if this is not the right time?
What if it's not meant to be?
What if we're not a perfect match?
Enough, my heart said.
Go to him and find out.
Each step that I took gave me courage.
Each movement made every muscle in my body feel more than just excitement to catch a glimpse of you.
Then I turned left and opened the door.
I didn't even notice the other people in the room.
I was pulled by your simple gaze.
You were the only one that I needed the most and you waited long enough to know me.
I headed straight to you without any hesitation.
My heart was racing like there's no tomorrow.
Finally, my eyes almost got filled with tears from being overjoyed.
No one else existed at that moment except you and me.
I pulled a tissue to wipe away the signs of the past.
I will be forever grateful to my dearest friend who introduced me to you.
Nothing beats the restroom in Rustan's located in Glorietta.

Oct 3, 2010

The one with gumiho

"All, most things have to end. But there is a kind of love that is never ending. That kind of love gives all things, so without giving all of it, you can't let go."

A bucketful of tears for MGIAG (My GF is a Gumiho) was donated today plus half a roll of tissue for its life-sacrificing definition of love. It was wise of me to save the quote that led me to tears or I wouldn't have remembered Daewong's speech before the avalanche started.

I will definitely miss Miho and Daewong (aka Woong Ah). August and September wouldn't have been complete without you two. 

~Thanks for saving me from being sucked in the thrills of boredom.~