Feb 25, 2005

The one with rc

I had my interview for a new position in my current company. Let's call it the quest for the "unknown".
Because no one in this world would apply for a position they don't have a clue on. Well, I only know about the position but the one thing that comes after that...I am completely clueless.
I'm totally nuts.
3 days of torture before the results come out for the next big step or failure of my life.
Who cares if I make it or not?
I simply took a chance.
Exactly what I told the manager who had been my interviewer earlier.
He asked me, "Why did you choose RC of all other positions to apply for?"
The silly little me took over, "I just took a chance. I wanted to explore a new field."
Huh. Searching for the correct answer...file not found.
I bet that's where his big brains went after I blurted out my stupid answer.
It's the coldest department in the world. My friend & I were the only ones who passed fr our team and we were trying to get eye contact with anyone there but we received zero stare.
Now, what got into my head to apply for such a high-paying (not yet sure...heard there's no OT pay) but out-of-this-world job description which treat employees like slaves for working 13 hours per day (as he subtly mentioned to discourage me)?
Well, maybe I was meant to be there simply because I'm cold deep deep down.
No idea.
Anyone kill me now for making a drastic decision.

Feb 18, 2005

The one with the guy I never had

I love it when you come in and without even looking I knew from the pit of my stomach that it's you.

I love it when you say my name…I’m no longer invisible…I felt like I’ve been brought back to life.

I love it when you look at me like the words I say are the most interesting stories ever told.

I love it when you smile, I feel responsible for your happiness.

I love it when you frown, as you're naturally smart..I'm making you think for a change.

I love it when you say "see yah" because you hate goodbyes…

But I said goodbye the last time we saw each other...you know why?
[Because you never told me the truth about what happened years ago.]

I hate you for not knowing how you hurt me in the worst possible way
...but I hate myself more…because I still care after all.

Feb 2, 2005

The one with work

I always have this urge to go back to bed instead of going to work. Who wouldn’t? Especially on a Friday. Why on earth did I even agree to this farce? They say having a regular job is 10% hard work and 90% commitment. Commitment my ass.

I’m sacrificing my eyes for people who put me down on every word I say. I’m just there to help and I’m the bad guy. Geez…If only I can find an alternative decent work which doesn’t require to shout once a week and get your blood pressure to rise like a volcano about to erupt. I know this is not the way to live. It’s supposed to be “If I can do better than this, I would…” Reality check: no job would still pay me this much.

Money is not my priority but somehow it’s a heavy part of the equation. Getting a degree and graduating should’ve been the hard part; my parents didn’t warn me about sticking to a job that makes you sick. I love my job sometimes when I get calls that require me to think and give out my own opinion for a change. Well, that’s me…Miss Opinionated. Most of the time it’s the memorized scripts that almost make me believe I’m not human.
“I’m a robot, PEOPLE…treat me like one; don’t waste your saliva complaining over my stupid reasons. I’m paid to read every line!”

I’m tired of starving myself to death and then there’s the big surprise:they’re close on Sundays or they don’t have an edible meal during weekends. Some kinda BS.

Anyway, no matter how many bad words I can come up with it wouldn’t change. For the sake of the so-called dedication and commitment, fine I’ll go to work.
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