Aug 9, 2006

The one with the rooftop scene

I watched Just Like Heaven again. I just can't get enough of this movie. Who wouldn't? I's unpredictable, entertaining and has a smooth flow in its story. I love the scene on the rooftop when David (Mark Ruffalo) was sharing some of his memories to Lizzie (Reese Witherspoon) about his ex-wife:

R: What was she like?
M: You know, she was justa big pain in the ass.
No, really.
I mean, the bras on the doorknobs,
leaving the car with the...
with the gas needle below empty.
She couldn't put gas in the car.
It was impossible for her.
And just total stubborn inability to master a remote. So she would just randomly click buttons, until the TV was snarled into some unmanageable condition.
I mean, I'm so...
I'm mad just thinking...
...thinking about her.

And the other scene when his friend was doubting his sanity when they were going to kidnap her body to keep her alive...

FRIEND: If your friend's really behind me, ask her what I'm doing: Rock, paper or scissors?
R: Rock.
M: Rock.

R: Scissors.
M: Scissors.

R: Paper.
M: Paper.

R: Rock again.
M: Rock again.

R: He's flipping me off.
M: Are you flipping her off?
You're flipping her off!

FRIEND: How...? OK. OK, sometimes people with emotional and mental disturbances can have psychic moments. But even if she was real, do you know what you're risking for this woman?

M: Yes!


M: Because I love her.

I love her.

I do, I love you. (to Reese)
That was, well-a rollercoaster experience...LOL...I was like crying and laughing at the same time...and then..awwwww...

How many guys on earth would do that???