Feb 26, 2009

The one with the laziness

When I woke up this afternoon around 2PM, I have no clue what I'm going to do for the rest of the day.
This has been happening for the last couple of days. I wake up, go to the bathroom, eat, sleep, watch endless shows on TV (which I've memorized like the four corners of my room), go online to play Fashion Wars over and over again and then read a book and sleep until the next afternoon again.
I'm so restless I can't sleep now.

I've wanted to do this when I had been working my ass for more than 10 hours a day due to overtime. I can't believe I'm doing it now and I am beginning to hate it. I feel like a dog left by her owner at home whose sole purpose in life is to guard the house.

I'll start work again next month but the days seem to be so slow that I want to press fast-forward to get to the day when I can be useful again. I'm starting to talk to myself nowadays, it's becoming a habit that I'd hate to do when I go out.

I can't call this insomnia because the afternoon had been my morning and morning is the evening for me. Gosh, I'm back to the graveyard shift although I'm unemployed. I'm looking forward to text messages from friends who want to go out for coffee and my sister asking me to go to the mall.

How did I get to be so lazy?

Feb 23, 2009

The one with my sister's 28th birthday

We went home to celebrate her birthday and her boyfriend tagged along together with her 2 closest friends. It's like Meet The Parents (without Robert De Niro since my Dad's not around) including the rest of the relatives at home who did not bother to hide their curiosity on who's who. The grandmother I've known, who is my mother's aunt, was not able to control herself and asked him if he came with my sister there. If I've been there at that moment, I would've laughed at that. Thank goodness I was busy outside with gossip updates from my dear mother.

To make the long story short, we were able to escape everyone before 6 PM and went back to Manila. We had dinner at this fancy restaurant called Ristorante Pia y Damaso.

They had cool names for the dishes especially the desserts:
~Ibarra's Kiss
~Maria Clara's Velvety White Cheesecake
~Sisa's Dementia
~Brazo ni Dona Vicki

The ambiance and the service are excellent but the food is not something I'd truly recommend to anyone. This experience just proved that dishes with interesting names do not guarantee a delicious meal. Most of the main courses seem unusual which affected our food choices at the time.

For our drinks, we ordered Tubig ni Maria Clara (By the Pitcher), which has cucumber juice, ginger syrup and citrus water, that was well-recommended by the overfriendly waiter. I'm always thirsty so I'm not sure if it tasted good because of that or it really was refreshing as they say.
After the heavenly desserts, we watched the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic. We were laughing from start to end. If anyone badly needs an hour of laughter, I'd definitely advise him or her to watch it.

I loved the part when Rebecca Bloomwood was talking to Luke Brandon in his office for an interview and then she screamed while pointing to the poster of a guy outside when he was about to ask her to speak Finnish.

Unfortunately, the downside of the movie is that the setting was in New York instead of London based from the book. I've read 3 of the Shopaholic books from a good friend of mine. If I hadn't, maybe I would've appreciated it more because I didn't know the original plot of the story.

Contrary to the bad reviews by most newspapers, I enjoyed watching this film. It's rare for me to laugh like a lunatic while watching a movie in a theater so I'm giving it a rating of 8/10. Sometimes people need to crack once in a while. We want to watch without analyzing what the characters are doing or scrutinizing their outfits (although we do that involuntarily)-- what matters is that it had found an emotion within us that was stirred by the story.

Prada and Gucci aside (fake or not), Rebecca's clumsiness reminded us that there's still hope amidst all the economic crises-- even for the silly ones. ☺