Sep 16, 2005

The one with the remote control day

I watched the TV for almost the whole day. I can go out & meet up some friends but I just felt like lying in the couch and letting my fingers flick the channels...

I'm bored with my job. Another phase I thought I've passed. I like it sometimes but there's this urge to quit when I'm tearing my hair apart with the issue at hand. I don't know. I guess it's part of the me who doesn't want to commit to anything. Being a CSR for a year is a miracle. I never wanted this in the first place...I'm still in the process of eliminating what I don't like doing before I can discover what I'd want to do with my life. Weird huh?

I easily get bored with routine so I need to constantly think of doing something to pass the time.

I'm tired of drinking in bars, smoking to death and meeting people I hardly know...I miss my friends from college. I miss talking to them about anything and everything. It's just different.

Life still sucks big time.

Sep 4, 2005

The one with the unexpected guy

What a night!

Who would've thought he'd be there with my friend? He was this stranger who I had a crush on when I arrived in the team.

He's this mysterious guy with the great smile on his face everytime he walked in my direction. My day seems to be brighter than ever when I see him in the office and then lo and behold he's with us on our barhopping last night!

I went with 2 close friends and then he brought HIM along. Whew! It was great. I knew he had a girlfriend from what my team mates told me but that didn't stop me from kissing him in the cheek when I was about to leave all of them. He even held my hand when I got near him and said he'll just get our numbers thru my friend.

Wow. That was one hell of a night. I'm not disappointed for coming although my heart was crushed to learn from my guy friend that he and his gf are engaged.

It didn't bother me one bit. I'm happy being friends w/ him. Knowing he is the guy I wanted really made it worth it. He has the singing voice, the sense of humor and the smarty brains. My instincts are at work. We're going out next week to play badminton somewhere with 2 of my friends.

I'm still smiling all the way home. =)