Jun 29, 2008

The one with my unplanned absence

I'm absent today due to my own carelessness. I didn't hear the alarm or my sister who kept telling me she woke up before she got to work. I blamed her but in reality, I'm blaming myself; I just can't admit it to her because I was upset with the situation that I could have avoided in the first place. A friend wanted to come over and I can't say no to her after a hard day's work. I slept late instead of going to bed early for the early shift. My big mistake.

My new boss is the total opposite of my previous one. He even laughed at me and had made a joke of my absence thru text. Refreshing but I missed the usual treatment given by my original boss. I was used to the text that says, "Call the attendance hotline. Please go to work although it's late."

I like my boss, I do. He's the most lenient person I've ever met. I wish he'd sent a rude reply or even a hint of disappointment so I wouldn't feel this guilty. I would've appreciated it if he told me to go to work even on a half-day so I'll know I'm valued or something on the team.

He said he doesn't want to lose me on the team just because of attendance and I felt even worse. Guilt is a feeling I'm not that used to. Lying is another that I rarely do unless it's a necessity. As much as I'd like to lie earlier, I told him the truth. I woke up really late. Simple, straightforward and really lousy on my part. I just can't bear to come up with lies after having my 4-day vacation that was noted as SL.

Why is it that when you plan to do the right thing, you always end up doing the wrong one?

Why do I have a body-clock that doesn't stick to the schedule?

Why didn't I hear my alarm clock the entire time that it's ringing?

Am I that deaf to the sound or is my subconscious telling me something I'm not aware of in reality?

I can post as many questions here but I don't think any of those will solve my problem. The biggest question right now is--am I gonna be suspended for the additional point on my already messy attendance?