Aug 16, 2005

The one with the sigh

A sigh can mean a million things.

It could mean that you've lost a battle wherein the enemy is yourself. A good example would be making a mistake you're not aware of. It doesn't fit the word careless; it doesn't even come close to the word stupid.

It could mean putting an end to an intolerable cruelty. Keeping life simpler by shutting the whole world off, ignoring people who pass you by, staring into space and spending a perfect weekend alone.

It could mean pure bliss. Like sitting beside someone you barely knew but liked at first sight. You never talk about personal stuff but you know you're both aware of each other's presence.

It could mean controlled anger about to erupt any moment. When nothing seems to go right, this kind of sigh simply bursts into flame and burns anyone who dares to cross his/her way.

It could mean hopelessness. The kind that makes a person go crazy thinking of reasons to continue living. Or breathing.

It could mean complete freedom to do anything and everything at the same time. Then there goes the fact that almost nothing in this life is for free. There is a price for existing nowadays. If you can't meet the price, then you can't get the thing you want most.

It could mean you're missing someone-- and not even any other sighs can compare because this sigh goes a looong way. It has no specific time because the past, present and future are part of it. It has a life. This sigh is uncontrollable. You might want to stop all the other sighs, but this one lingers. The more you want it deleted out of your system, the more it shows.

Sighs are just complicated. That's why more often than not, I try not to.