Jun 14, 2010

The one with my SL

I've been absent from work for a week now. I have the so-called acute viral pharyngolaryngitis as mentioned by the doctor I visited a few days ago. I had to google it to know what it means because the usual case I have for my throat issues as far as I can remember is pharyngitis or tonsilitis.

Based from google, it's an inflammation of the larynx and the pharynx. The doctor mentioned it's possibly an effect of the flu shot I had at work last week when my immune system is weak. How can it be strong when it was after my shift in our stress-filled job?

Lucky me.

I remember accidentally uttering that I'd be grateful to be sick for a week to get some rest from work but this is too much. I'm missing the work despite the fact that I hate my job. It's not exactly the job but the management. The way they manipulate all the employees into doing 3 support groups when we're only assigned to one support group.

I miss the coffee sessions. I miss my busy schedule. I kept thinking this must be the reason He granted my wish--so I can reflect on what I want to do with my life. Decision-making is not my forte as the youngest in the family.

I tried to compose my resignation letter earlier. I ended up being so brutally frank that it turned out to be a bitter-employee letter. Please read some of the parts below:

"My stay as a Technical Support Representative in this company can be considered as tragic. Why? Because among the companies I’ve had the opportunity to work with, it is the only company that gave me a headache when thinking of something good to say other than the bowl-type sink in the restroom!

This company made me learn more about myself by associating with different kinds of people who left memories which will serve as an example of how politics can ruin people when achieving goals. I wish you and the company's continued success in all your endeavors while corrupting people’s minds that you are the best when in fact the only thing you’re good at is making people believe exactly what you want them to believe.

But wait there’s more! People do have common sense and yes--- we know all the crap that you’re telling us is not true. We only nod our heads to pretend we understand but no—we can’t believe how narrow-minded and stupid you think we are. So I’m glad I’m resigning. This will be my last letter and consider this as my letter for immediate resignation! I'm no longer rendering the 30 days of torture you require for every employee who wants to get the hell out of here. BTW, (OM) the way you handle the account sucks so it would be best if you’ll resign after this too."

Of course, if I say this out loud I'll surely be terminated.

I'm tired of staying at home. If it means I have to endure the stressful job and the gossip-filled workplace, then so be it. Hope I get well later so I can move on to the next chapter of this boring life.