May 14, 2011

The one with the 13th of Friday

I got lucky on Friday the 13th! The HR who referred me to a job called when I woke up and told me I got accepted to the first and only company that interviewed me. I lost all hope yesterday when I didn't receive any call. God is great. He does things you least expect and this was by far the most surprising event in the 28th year of my life. Thank you for all the blessings and I hope I can return all these in my own way somehow.  

May 9, 2011

The one with the 10th of May

Spell DREAD. Yes, dread. 

I am in Singapore now and everything happened in a blur. This is my second week and I landed on an interview for a job that my sister rejected. To put it nicely, I got an interview for a job which has a lower rate than my sister's monthly salary so she referred me to it. 

I am getting nervous about all of it. Going there (although my sister and her friend walked me through going there until the floor where I'll have the interview), answering the technical questions (the interviewer asked me to review but did not specify which one to study) and facing the consequences of failure. 

Paranoia is gripping me all over. My sister's friend, let's call him Garrett, also works in the same building, same floor and almost the same type of job. Coincidence? It's the least of my concerns right now although I must admit that it's been bothering me too. If I get hired, we might ride the same bus to work and back to the house. It's weird. I might have a different shift though because it's 24/7. Well, before I think about any of those things, I need to pass the interview first.

I really hope I get there on time and wouldn't lose my way. I am not that gifted with directions. As far as I'm concerned, whatever happens would be depended to fate. If it's the job that's meant for me, regardless of the salary, I'll gladly accept it. Wish me luck!