Apr 2, 2005

The one with realizations

Realization #1
I've never felt THIS ALONE.
I've always felt alone but never this suffocating, horrible, sick feeling of dying alone.

Realization #2
I miss him.
As much as I hate to admit it, the hate I felt for him grew in me. It yearns to unleash itself and if not towards him...it will definitely be directed to an innocent person.

Realization #3
Not all my friends are real FRIENDS.
I can just count on my fingers who are keeping in touch...who replies to my text messages, who cares if I'm still alive, who calls me even if they don't need anything from me. Reflects a lot about me. Geez, I thought I've been a good friend.

Realization #4
I'm getting old.
One more month and I'm going ballistic. Sucks feeling mature when I'm not.

Realization #5
Career is going nowhere.
I almost walked out of the office the other day when the computer crashed while I'm dealing w/ a customer. What the hell am I supposed to do? Cry for unavailable resources? Naah..it's a lot easier to just walk away...but grrrr...I didn't. Pride pulled me back. I hate myself. I could've escaped the damn prison of hellish work.

Realization #6
Planning to quit.
Wait it's almost the same as #5...ok so this one is a blank future ahead of me. Congratulations.

Realization #7
I've been away from home for more than 3 months and I felt guilty for living a separate life. Go on say it, I'm selfish.

Realization #8
I want to change my life. A makeover. Is there such a thing as complete makeover? To be more specific: mental, emotional,physical and spiritual makeover?

Realization #9
More and more people prove to be a fake. They have this thick disguise that spells false all over themselves. And sometimes I'm one of them! (because I don't know how to handle knowing they're all fakes. Is it my fault if I'm perceptive?More like pessimistic nowadays.)

Realization #10
I'm sad. (sigh)
There are more than 10 reasons to be sad. Not just for myself but for others. Watching the TV makes it even worse.

Thinking of going to work gives me a headache...I wish I can just wake up and everything's just a dream. Or something else.

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