Apr 15, 2005

The one with casino

The whole family went to the casino...And nobody won.

Well, we're proud losers. Unlike what others might say, it's not about winning. It's not about the money either. I mean it's not everyday that we go out together...

I sacrificed my work for this day. I've been absent for the sole purpose of recovering-my voice. Got sore throat so I wouldn't be able to argue with non-stop callers. I had this last minute idea to just go out with them since I don't want to be stuck at home alone.

I felt guilty of course, and a bit regretful for spending more than a thousand for a silly game of dice but hey, I enjoyed it. I usually go out with friend and spend more but it's rare that I felt contented when I go home. There's always something missing while I'm lying in bed and going over what happened on that day.

My parents left this morning and I'm like...Okay, back to being alone. At least, I made them happy for a few hours in the wee hours of the morning...It's the first time we spent the whole night out spending thousands for nothing. It's not even for a funeral or any occasion that needs to be celebrated.

It's like a reunion that was not planned. Weird huh. Parents who tolerate gambling. Not tolerate...it's more like encourage gambling. Lol...Yeah, that's my family.

I'm surely going to remember this day for life.

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