Sep 15, 2010

The one with being different

Every now and then we find ourselves thinking that whatever we do, or say, or feel -- we are all different. I realized I was different when I was in 2nd Grade. Definitely not in my diaper days. I'm not a gifted child. ;p

I have this sort of autistic mannerism of walking up and down the stairs for several times. They never thought I was different then, like I was "sick" or had a specific illness that needed to be cured. Living in the province, they merely thought it was brought about by some kind of an unknown being who commanded those unusual behaviors.

It may sound creepy but I was seeing dwarfs or maybe just one when I was a kid. The only memory I had of it was of one dwarf who almost fell off the last step of the stairs when my cousin opened the door and I shouted at her to wait until it was on the safe zone. They were getting goose bumps from what I can recall after I told them what I saw.

Another thing I hadn't told most of my friends was when I can see where the water was coming from underneath the ground. I don't know how or why I had the notion of where they were but my parents told me that all of the times that the neighbors asked my help to find a place where they can drill for fresh water from underground, they all turned out to be correct.

It was probably a coincidence that I knew them but the people from my Dad's province, in Naujan, Oriental Mindoro, all thought I was a miracle kid. They even had this prediction that I would heal people when I turn 21. Unfortunately, I didn't take Nursing which was what I wrote as my ambition when I was in Kindergarten so there's no chance of that happening any time in the near future.

I remembered this feeling of being different when I watched the series, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. It was a girl who was cursed and became a nine-tailed fox or the so-called Gumiho, who became human again when an aspiring actor was convinced to help her escape from a painting by drawing nine-tails on it.

The series is not yet finished and I can't wait for the ending. The previous episodes showed how hard she tried to act like a normal human being since she can't recall it anymore after being trapped in the painting for over 500 years. It was funny and at the same time sad because she's willing to do everything to become completely human not knowing that the man she loves may die in return.

Somehow this made me think how most of us never truly appreciated being humans when in some cases like hers (if in case such beings exist), they do not have the luxury of living like we do.

If you're interested in watching the series too, you may visit the link below:

After a couple of episodes, I'm sure you'll be addicted to the song too, so here's the link I found in for the song I might never learn to sing:

Enjoy! :)

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