Mar 11, 2005

The one with the song

Early this morning, I bumped into a guy. De ja vu. Like it happened before...or I knew him which doesn't fit logically because it's the first time I saw him.

The song Loves Moves in Mysterious Ways became my LSS for the whole day amidst the terrible turn of events around me. Calls kept coming like there's no tomorrow, coach is missing, manager was desperately trying to help, people were busy as hell and so on...

I felt like I'm alone in the world. Everyone was going with the rotation of the earth while I'm going against it and just watching in the background.

I've always felt that way. Simply looking at my surroundings-- in the background.

Not happy nor sad. Weird really but I don't feel anything at all.

Surprisingly, I've been robbed of all emotions. It's a first on a FRIDAY.

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