Apr 19, 2005

The one with giving up

I'm hopeless...I've drank almost all the medicine for cough and cold and I'm still sick!
I need to be well tomorrow or it's goodbye work! The funny thing is, I'm not so worried about losing work. I guess I've dragged myself to work every first day...I- didn't notice this happening.
I always get sick whenever I feel down. Maybe I was feeling a little lonely last week...but to have some flu for a week? This is ridiculous...I'm feeling more sad stuck at home.
I thought I'd be happy having a movie marathon with a bunch of chinovela cds my sister bought as my early birthday present. Or surf the internet, watch tv, eat/sleep all day...but I got bored.
I'm afraid I'm sinking in what is popularly known as depression.
Lord, help me.

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