Oct 4, 2012

The one with tips on how to waste time effectively

When you're in-between jobs and bored to the point of getting a bad haircut while losing your sanity, there are several ways to waste time effectively which will surely be worth your while instead of thinking about the guy who made your life miserable:

1) Do all the laundry including the neat folding and organized piling in your oh-so-not-too-crowded closet. 
2) Wash all the dirty dishes even the glasses that you cannot remember who used that have been staring you in the face everyday in the kitchen counter.
3) Throw all the trash from the bin that the ants have been using which includes free accommodation as well as meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner!).
4) Change your bedsheets that have not been arranged to its original splendor since he moved out to avoid having flashbacks of that blurry past when he used it to pile up his stuff to organize them in his luggage.
5) Talk to yourself for as long as it takes for more convincing effect that life has been perfect before him so how can it not be back to its previous happy-go-lucky state? And why not do this while catching up on the soap opera you've missed out on during your busy schedule with tons of overtime at work? This is your ticket to tears in heaven and that definitely helps in the moving on department.
6) Sing your heart out-- especially since you're all alone and no once can hear you go out of tune. Neighbors might complain every now and then but who cares? You might as well sing a song from a different language so they wouldn't understand a word of it.
7) Eat your own cooked meals. Prepare the ones you've never dreamed of cooking. Believe me, miracles do happen in the kitchen for as long as you have the passion for it.
8) Clean the house until you've removed all the dust that has been hiding on every corner. The vacuum cleaner will be your best friend plus you'll get a free exercise without the help of a trainer!
9) Remember all the bills that has been placed here and there? Put them in one place in alphabetical order in case you need to scan any statement in the future. This should ensure that you wouldn't need to hire an investigator to go search for that one important bill that is just under your nose.
10) Call anyone that you haven't talked to in a long time and catch up. Friends and family would appreciate the thought, trust me. Your feeling of emptiness would instantly be erased after you hear your Mom's never-ending gossips about the neighbors back home and your Dad's non-stop advice which would not be complete without his own share of success stories.

Nothing can go wrong, of course, without a little time to pray and share with God about your daily happenings despite all the busy chores. It wouldn't hurt to tell Him how grateful you are for all the immediate help you get daily without even asking for it. 

He delivers them right on time whenever and wherever you are when you least expect them. It's not your lucky stars or your newly cut nails that made it happen. It's all because of Him so don't forget to say a little prayer before going to bed with a smile that you've accomplished all these.

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