Jan 20, 2008

The one with the ME time

The year started out right. I decided to go home and stay away from work for a change. After my unforgettably gloomy Christmas and New Year last year, it was time to choose between being stuck in a cubicle or spending time with my undeniably ecstatic and weird family and relatives.

Unfortunately, due to the stressful life in Manila...I slept during the media noche. I was really upset when I woke up because this is the first time I didn't jump exactly at 12 midnight. Even when I was at work last year I was jumping like a frog while taking calls. Hmmph.

Anyway, I just want to share some of the latest events of my usually dull life. Well, this year is totally different than the previous ones. We had a shower party for a friend and it was definitely more than I expected. It's like a kiddie/green kind of party for a bride. We had freebies (from chocolates to disposable underwear to condoms), games and lots of games which lasted for about 4 hours or more. At first, I thought it would be awkward for everyone because we came from different groups of the bride's life. Somehow, it ended with a blast with the groom arriving at the end of the party with his friends to judge this "penis made of clay" game. Some party huh?

Last Friday, we planned a surprise party for my boss which turned out great after the last-minute plans. Like I'm going to spend weeks for it. Well, you know me too well. I'm the buzzer-beater girl at work. You're definitely expecting me to plan for a party within 24 hours only. Take note: I was at work 40 mins early which is a world record-- just to prepare the set up and think of an impromptu way of giving my boss the flowers. Whew! I'm not in for any party soon. That's for sure.

Next week is my college friend's wedding so I guess I'm left with no other choice. She's one of the most genuine pals I've met in this life and I'm not going to miss the walking-down-the-aisle scene which will only happen this Sunday.

At this moment, I'm relishing my ME time with lots of noodles for breakfast, lots of sleep during lunch and sweet banana courtesy of Tapa King for dinner after the meal. I'm planning to spend some quality time with HBO and Maltesers later.

Nothing gets any better than this.

Oh and I'll also have a date with my books...Bought some that are still lying somewhere and didn't have time to read them...I'm sure they're thinking "Why am I stuck in this drawer?".

Yeah I know...wait ok?

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