Aug 10, 2011

The one with the songs

With my uncombed hair, dripping from the shower, I got out of the bathroom and entered the living room this morning, only to be surprised by his presence. I was surprised because it's about 9:30 AM and he is already awake when he doesn't have work. It was like a video in MTV for a soundtrack of a movie where the sun is shining too brightly on him and I was at a loss for words and clueless on what I should do next while clutching my dirty clothes and towel. 

I muttered a hello and mentioned it's a surprise to see him so early. He said almost the same thing and he just woke up and can't sleep anymore. He was snoring when I left our shared room so what happened while I was in the shower? His girl friend probably called him and woke him up because my chatty sister told me he went out this afternoon to help his friend look for a place or something.

Anyway, he was acting weird this morning. He asked where my interview will be and helped me locate it in the website then he kept playing the OPM songs which he never did. The songs. Uhhh...the songs were mostly love songs by bands which were all about a person yearning for the love of another who doesn't look at him or her the same way. It was creepy. He was even singing out loud in the background while cooking omelette and toasting the bread.

After smoking one cigarette and spraying myself with my favorite perfume, I dashed towards the nearest exit. He got out from the kitchen and asked if I'm already leaving because he just cooked omelette for breakfast. I mumbled about having difficulty finding a cab and ran for dear life. 

"That was close." I don't need this kind of crap before an interview. Thank goodness, the mind over matter worked or I would have blabbed on and on with the new potential employer.

If he's happy with his love life, he can shout it to the whole world and sing merry songs for all I care but would it be alright if he does it when he's alone? His indifference is preferable to this mode. I think I'm going to throw up if I see him singing love songs again.

Being asked by my sister and friends to date a friend's friend is another but seeing my roomie with the love bug is utterly unacceptable. I might decide to go home soon if this continues to happen. Love is great but it's not for me. Not this time. I'm happy for the rest of humanity but I am better off alone right now.

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