Feb 25, 2005

The one with rc

I had my interview for a new position in my current company. Let's call it the quest for the "unknown".
Because no one in this world would apply for a position they don't have a clue on. Well, I only know about the position but the one thing that comes after that...I am completely clueless.
I'm totally nuts.
3 days of torture before the results come out for the next big step or failure of my life.
Who cares if I make it or not?
I simply took a chance.
Exactly what I told the manager who had been my interviewer earlier.
He asked me, "Why did you choose RC of all other positions to apply for?"
The silly little me took over, "I just took a chance. I wanted to explore a new field."
Huh. Searching for the correct answer...file not found.
I bet that's where his big brains went after I blurted out my stupid answer.
It's the coldest department in the world. My friend & I were the only ones who passed fr our team and we were trying to get eye contact with anyone there but we received zero stare.
Now, what got into my head to apply for such a high-paying (not yet sure...heard there's no OT pay) but out-of-this-world job description which treat employees like slaves for working 13 hours per day (as he subtly mentioned to discourage me)?
Well, maybe I was meant to be there simply because I'm cold deep deep down.
No idea.
Anyone kill me now for making a drastic decision.

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