Jul 13, 2013

The one with the right man

To the man who is destined to be in my future,

It has been a long journey to find you. It took me more than 30 years of waiting for the right one to come along.

I am but a simple woman who is looking for a simple man. I reserved myself completely for someone like you because I believe I deserve to find a partner in life who would make me happy in every sense of the word as part of God's plan. 

There were years of suffering that were so intense, I thought the tears will never stop from falling and the heart will never cease from breaking. I felt as if I can never let go of the person I fell in love with who can never return my feelings. I am scared of confessing my true emotions because I wanted to be chased and loved in a way that he will not only show it to me but express them in words.

I was broken into pieces every time the man I thought I am in love with falls for a friend or an acquaintance. I moved on and on and on until I almost gave up. There was a moment when I imagined living a solitary life and it does not appear as lonely as it seems because I know God will always be there to guide me but I thought how can I be so selfish and let you be alone for the rest of our lives too?

I can't remember the numerous times I prayed fervently for someone like you. Every time I ride a bus I keep looking around because maybe you're just behind me and I was too busy browsing on my mobile phone to notice your presence. Sometimes I glance on my sides when I'm in line of a food stall or coffee shop because maybe you are walking by and I was too concentrated on the food or drink to order. Most often than not, I hang out alone in parks or random places for fear that I am losing the opportunity of meeting you like I was supposed to because I am so occupied with my job.

In this life, we go through the motions of our busy days-work, home, work and the rest are daily routines of our mundane existence. I refuse to simply adapt to what society dictates as normal. As they say, you don't learn to fly if you're not prepared to crash. I will reach this level and when I do, I'll hug you tight and tell you I attempted to fly just to find you.

Please be more patient, Love, we will find each other soon and it will be worth every single day of waiting.

Your future,
The woman who never got tired of waiting for the right man 


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