Dec 15, 2008

The one with the fun times

For someone who's been unemployed for almost a month now, I've been busy.

TOP 10 FUN TIMES from the last few weeks (delayed updates to my so-called life):

1) seeing the plush forestry in Loboc River, Bohol, while my century-old buddy and I were on top of a floating raft/restaurant
2) smelling the fresh air with "some" photo shoots and videos on Tops and Mountain View, Cebu with COB
3) staring at the Tarsier's eyes and realizing it's not the same eyes on the souvenir wallet; simply breathtaking although I was scared at first
4) staying in a cheap hotel then switching rooms due to numerous problems; never thought it would be fun at that time but the aircon was so "futuristic" that my friend and I had to move the bed right in front of it!
5) people-watching while sipping some coffee with our knees bent sitting from the stairs in Ayala Center, Cebu
6) played bowling w/ Dad and some close friends from work
7) driving lesson w/ Dad in a strip near Mall of Asia
8) neverending talk about food/service of restos and latest gossips during dinner w/ dear cousin and the rest of the family
9) watching my cousin M sing at the top of her lungs on a choir contest in Lipa - won 2nd place!=)
10) walking the streets of Batangas with the cold wind caressing my face and then stopping by to buy the famous puto bungbong and bibingka-missed it!

Now I can go back to hating the One Tree Hill DVD that can't be played from the laptop...that's why I don't expect a lot-it prevents disappointments like this one. Okay, it's a sign for me to sleep.

Nighty night!

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