Nov 30, 2005

The one with sorry

"I don't believe you. Someone told me before he'll do it and I'm going to wait for 45 days again?!"

Well, yeah I guess. As much as want to take a spell and put some magic into your networks, the company needs to wait on an approval for the network.

This guy kept bugging me over the phone.

I was about to tell him with my most serious tone of voice that we don't have control over the site when he suddenly said...

"My wife and I used to watch the channel you see. She had passed away last week and I'm going through the depression. I can't believe we'll lose that channel, we used to watch that in the beginning of this year. I'm sorry for my behavior but the TV is the only thing keeping me alive these days."

"I'm sorry for your loss." Like it would do anything. (Don't dare mention the word understand or you're dead-dictates my head.)

I melted like an ice cream on my seat. I felt like sweating or scratching my head or better yet knock it on the desk. Stupid me. I almost got into a fight with someone who had lost someone he loved.

Me and my big mouth. Good thing I still had a little bit of sanity left in me.

I muttered sorry like 6 times because he kept telling me a story about her addiction to the local channels.

I envy him. At least he had met someone like her. I'm still strolling on some unknown street trying to find Mr. I'm-a-good-guy-who-can-fight-with-a-girl-who-is-smart-and-funny-and- Naaaah..never mind. Nobody like that really exists.

He's either in a relationship or gay. Those are my 2 options most of the time. I am one unlucky bitch.

If there's someone out there who's supposed to be my guy, well, he probably got lost in his cab and had landed on an island where there's no phone or airplane passing by. He could've died because of fatigue and hunger,was lost at sea or eaten by cannibals???

Ohmygoodness. Here I go again.
That's just the beginning.

There's more to that once a girl imagines, believe me.

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